SELKUP SHAMANS - "Women of Yamal"
SELKUP SHAMANS The Selkup shaman's gift was inherited from father to son or grandson. If in a family where the father was the shaman, the son did not become a…

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Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants and herbs have miraculous properties known since ancient times. Healers, healers and nymphs helped people overcome ailments through the healing power of plants. Aloe, marshmallow, Echinacea purpurea these…

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Fat: the benefits and harms. Fats in food

Importance of fats in a healthy diet

Want to know how much fats you can consume and when to restrict?

Why are fats necessary for our body?

What fats are “good”, what “bad” and in what foods they can be found?

Many sources, be it information or advertising is constantly telling us about the dangers of fats. Get a sustainable impression that the fat in foods is the cause of many serious health problems, from high blood pressure and heart irregularities to problems with obesity and diabetes. To some extent this is so. However, let’s not forget, some fats are not only harmful, but also are vital for healthy functioning of our body.

The types of fats

Saturated is harmful for our body . Contained in products of animal origin. These fats lead to increased blood cholesterol. However, it is not all clear. Continue reading

Ten animals that we treat

Cats, dogs and even lizards is not only mimimi, but the real “er”

Cats, dogs, hamsters and even lizards is not only. nyashki and really cute, but the real “er” for the person. They are hundreds of years save us from different diseases, demanding nothing in return. Is that a little kindness and food.

American medical journal JAMA Pediatrics has just published the results of research scientists from Finland. which prove that the communication of babies with dogs reduced the risk of developing in children of diabetes of the 1st type. The results of the study more than 3 thousand children in two hospitals was struck by the researchers themselves. Thus, unexpectedly it was found that dogs possess therapeutic properties that prevent the onset of this terrible disease. How exactly they impact on kids is not exactly known. While there is only speculation, but scientists continue research.

Facts the medicinal properties of the animals were so numerous that in the 70-ies of the last century there were an independent branch of medicine — the animal-assisted therapy, therapy with animals. Continue reading