Veterinary medicine in Ancient Egypt
In Ancient Egypt, as we know, animals are deified; therefore is not surprising is the fact that caring for them played an important role. Great attention was paid to the…

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Known powerful healers from alcoholism
Perhaps the moral foundations in society, if known powerful healer of alcoholism are diseases of the cardiovascular system? Coding from alcoholism (encoding alcohol) is a medical technique, to live. Alcoholic…

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Altai medicinal herbs and plants, fees, teas, online shop herbs

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2. You offered, perhaps the largest catalogue of products, among which you will find both common and very rare, and therefore particularly valuable medicinal herbs of the Altai. The traditional interest of our buyers are also charges of “Vitalux”, “Hot key” natural cosmetics “Vivaton” is widely represented in our catalogue.

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Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants and herbs have miraculous properties known since ancient times. Healers, healers and nymphs helped people overcome ailments through the healing power of plants. Aloe, marshmallow, Echinacea purpurea these plants help to boost immunity.

Treated using medicinal plants, and the monks of the Christian monasteries. At that time the plants are not cultivated but collected at a certain time of day and year. Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic. Centaury helps resit problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

From vegetables powerful herbs are pumpkin and corn. Her flesh stimulates the bowels, and the seeds are excellent Anthelmintics.

Gradually, with the development of medicine. medicinal plants have learned not just to gather in the fields, forests and meadows, but began to be grown on a special Apothecary gardens. By order of Peter the great gardens were created in all large cities of Russia.

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The benefits and harms of red Rowan

This plant is well known as decorative. Fresh fruits are food for livestock and poultry, and berries are processed and used as raw material in confectionery industry, for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In folk medicine have long used ordinary red mountain ash, but it may hurt in certain diseases.

The composition of the red mountain ash

Harm and good fruit makes them rich composition. Be contained in the berries: citric, tartaric, succinic, malic acid, sugar, sorbose, pectin and tannins, sorbic acid and ascorbic acid, amino acids, carotene, triterpenic compounds, flavonoids, dietary fiber.

Thanks to this composition, it is used as a means to better digestive process, the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates metabolism, astringent, antibacterial, choleretic and diuretic effect.

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