Folk medicine treatment of hemorrhoids cones Christmas trees green needles
Folk medicine treatment of hemorrhoids cones Christmas trees green needles - share with you. Carefully review the content, perhaps missing the disease can be found in the section with the…

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Mother-and-stepmother in folk medicine Your home doctor
Mother-and-stepmother The plant Mother and stepmother The plant is widespread in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, where it was introduced by settlers as a medicinal product. Mother-and-stepmother can…

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Ways to reduce the pain of kidney stones

Kidney stones bring pain.

In practice, doctors often occur phenomena of stone formation. The predisposition to this disease show people of all ages.

People with kidney stones should know how the fragmentation of kidney stones, which today has no alternative to the surgical intervention. Traditionally, before starting the crushing of the kidney stones that people pass thorough ultrasound and x-ray examination. After these procedures, it becomes absolutely clear. Where exactly the stones are located, their size and number. There are several ways of removing stones from the urinary system.

Ultrasonic treatment for concrements in the kidneys. This technique is based on shock-wave principle of getting rid of stone formation. This wave crushes stones up to the size with which an organism is able to cope on their own. But if the stone is large or has a high density, the session of ultrasound exposure is assigned sequentially several times. This procedure is done solely in the kidney or the ureter. But it is absolutely impossible to do in the bladder.

Laser crushing of kidney stones is the best way to treat kidney stones. In this case, combines two kinds of manipulations:the laser and the endoscope.

Surgical removal of the stones make in the most extreme cases. This is not the most desirable treatment, as there is a great risk of complications. Body cavity removal of stones outlived its usefulness, and the instrumentation is considered to be too traumatic. Surgery is performed only in the case of a continuing inflammatory process, the presence of a particularly large crystal formation, and when the stones threaten the removal of a kidney.

Kidney stones occur for many reasons. So, reduction of fluid intake – when the urine becomes more concentrated and contributes to the formation of deposits in form of stones. Negatively affects the health of the kidney and genetic predisposition. And urolithiasis may be the result of some chronic diseases, taking medications with a high content of calcium.

Nothing good should be expected from use in food products.

Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a few effective recipes that will help to break up stones in the kidneys and remove them naturally. Can effectively use various diuretic herbs and kidney fees: flax seed, cowberry leaves, and pear, decoctions St. John’s wort, rose hips and corn stigmas.

In the treatment of urolithiasis, it is recommended to adhere to a special diet.