Park herbs
Let Miranda look at her workshop. These eucalyptus leaves are prepared for obtaining from them the essential oils. In one of the working areas of the installation where are placed…

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Ten animals that we treat
Cats, dogs and even lizards is not only mimimi, but the real "er" Cats, dogs, hamsters and even lizards is not only. nyashki and really cute, but the real "er"…

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Treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Munich

Welcome to treatment in Munich!

Your trip for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Germany will help you plan and organize Medical Munich. For support in the clinics and coordination of Your examination or treatment in Germany we provide an experienced translator on all the time.

The main advantage of the German health system – a combination of high technology with the professionalism of the doctors and medical staff. System, order, punctuality, cleanliness, honesty is the standard.

Payment for treatment is made directly to the clinics . We are not brokers! We are Your assistants!

Medical in Munich can be booked as a package ( organization of treatment or diagnosis in Germany, transfer, accompanied by an interpreter), and only those services You need.

The principle of our interaction:

You decide which of our services You require. This can be, for example, only translation services.

We do everything based on Your needs, not our personal feelings to individual doctors or clinics.

The number of international patients coming to Germany for treatment, is growing every year. According to the Higher school Bonn-Rhein in 2012 in German hospitals treated patients 90 007, is 8.6 % more than in 2011. Treated on an outpatient basis approximately 134 000 patients.

We guarantee full confidentiality of personal and financial information.

In many areas of medicine Germany in the lead:

Through timely diagnosis and proper treatment of Oncology in Germany is already not a sentence, just a diagnosis.

Complicated operation on transplantation of internal organs in Germany is already not an event, but a routine. Universitetskaya hospital of Munich belongs to the leader in the number of such operations.

Cardiac surgery in Germany is the chance for thousands of our compatriots.

Orthopedics in Bavaria and in Munich is at the highest level, because of the Munich doctors should bring up the numerous athletes who were injured in the Alps. After endoprosthetic new artificial joints are often better than their own old!

Properly chosen and timely rehabilitation is always an integral part of treatment and promotes recovery.

The cultivation of medicinal plants: a profitable business
Today, the cultivation of medicinal plants directions for their further sales – one of the most popular methods of earning. And additional production and collection may become the basis for…

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Sesame seed - benefits and harms - health - articles Directory - TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine
TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine Sesame seeds benefits and harms This useful culinary product almost every housewife, but very few know of its healing properties. Like any other…