Ten animals that we treat
Cats, dogs and even lizards is not only mimimi, but the real "er" Cats, dogs, hamsters and even lizards is not only. nyashki and really cute, but the real "er"…

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Treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Munich
Welcome to treatment in Munich! Your trip for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Germany will help you plan and organize Medical Munich. For support in the clinics and coordination of…

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Acne. Treatment of folk remedies

Hated all the acne can occur in all ages of human life, but more often they appear in teenagers who have changing hormone levels due to puberty. At a later age acne can be a symptom of hormonal failure, problems with gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system.

Cleansing the body of Donat Mg has antispasmodic action on the stomach (relieves spasms), improves peristalsis, improves motor-evacuation function of the stomach, increases metabolism, blood circulation, has a choleretic effect, helps eliminate toxins, quickly renews the cells. Application: strictly for 15-20 min before food in the morning, on an empty stomach 200-300 ml; 15-20 minutes before meals 150-200 ml. Diabetes Donat Mg decreases blood sugar, improves its assimilation by tissues, promotes production of insulin by pancreatic cells, prevents the development of vascular complications of diabetes. Application: strictly for 15-20 min before food in the morning, on an empty stomach 150-200 ml; 15-20 min. to read more

Acne leads to the appearance of cosmetic problems that affect the psychological state of a person, therefore a topical issue of getting rid of athenadora.

Today there are numerous products for the treatment of acne traditional methods. They, mostly, are poultices and lotions. So, it is highly efficient use of compresses of wormwood, hops, calendula or Hypericum. Also very effective will be wiping the face with a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and lemon water, and tincture of calendula and conventional bee honey.

However, the best way to treat acne is prevention, which in adulthood is to maintain health. This is a very effective use for preventive purposes of mineral water Donat Mg. It allows you to clear the intestines, improve the immune system and overall health, making it more active and energetic, giving the opportunity to succeed in life.

Medicinal mineral water Donat Mg