Park herbs
Let Miranda look at her workshop. These eucalyptus leaves are prepared for obtaining from them the essential oils. In one of the working areas of the installation where are placed…

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The Shamans Of Tuva
I was afraid of the shamans, because repeatedly witnessed their effectiveness. Yeah I didn't want to know your future and cure I had nothing. Then one scientist lady from England…

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Saved animals treated children

A couple of months ago in Feldman Ecopark has a new pet. A horse named Natasha was purchased by the employees from the former owner and thus rescued from the unenviable fate at the slaughterhouse. The animal is already caught in the Ecopark, undergoes special training and is prepared… to Treat children.

Adaptive horse riding or hippotherapy is a modern and rapidly growing method of treatment. “Communication” with a patient and kind animal calms the nervous system, sets a peaceful mood. And while riding on a horse work almost all the muscles of a person. In Feldman Ecopark with horses plan to treat children with special needs, particularly children with cerebral palsy, autism and abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system.

The first such session was held on November 22. On the same day on the territory of Feldman Ecopark opened specialized indoor riding arena for hippotherapy lessons. The celebration was attended by pupils of the specialized center for children with developmental disabilities and neurological problems “Lado”. They tried out all the benefits of adaptive riding. “It is hard to convey the sense of peace and happiness that I have experienced. During the “communication” appears a special connection with animals. You become calmer, “let go” of the problem, you feel complete peace,” shared his impressions from the first lesson, one of the guests,Sasha Leonov.

Deputy Director of the International charity Fund “Alexander Feldman Fund” Pavlichenko she not only gave welcoming remarks, and talked about the features of non-traditional for Ukraine method of treatment: “Adaptive horse riding is a very important and effective element in the complex treatment of “special” children. Hippotherapy not only gives significant therapeutic effect. Feeling the warmth and energy of the animal, the child “discloses” emotionally. In addition, riding on a horse allows kids in wheelchairs, literally to see the world from above. But this is a new experience, which is very important for socially excluded children”.

Indoor riding arena with a hippotherapy regardless of weather conditions. In the near future it is planned to spend 8 sessions a day. Thus, for the year about 3 thousand children will become healthier.

And no need to say that hippotherapy is absolutely free, and all activities of the International charity Fund “Alexander Feldman Fund”.