Treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Munich
Welcome to treatment in Munich! Your trip for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Germany will help you plan and organize Medical Munich. For support in the clinics and coordination of…

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The use of medicinal herbs for weight loss
Since ancient times, people passed their knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants from generation to generation. Herbal medicine have always come to the aid of the person in the…

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Medicine in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt there existed a unique medical practice. The Egyptians had an extensive knowledge about space, the stars, the Earth and the human body. In the past, almost all viruses have been fatal. That’s why the Egyptians sought to improve their knowledge to combat diseases and epidemics.

In Ancient Egypt the beginnings of science that we call “medicine”. The papyri found in the Nile valley, reveals many secrets of the ancient Egyptian art. The papyrus known German Egyptologist and writer Ebers, was discovered in Thebes, can be considered the first known medical encyclopedia.

The ancient inhabitants of Egypt believed that medical science is of divine origin. In Ancient Egypt, magic and medicine were considered as two parts of a single whole. When a person is sick, it was believed that the disease disturbs the balance between the energy of the patient and space force.

The doctors of the pharaohs knew that to defeat the disease, you need to first deal with the cause of its appearance . and not consequences. Then the healer turned to various deities. The healer have an effect on the patient through his energy, which is used in biotherapy.

Treatment in Ancient Egypt was a mixture of medicine and worship. Using the magic of ritual healers called cosmic energy into a subject, an image or a symbol. Then these items were used for vozdeystviyna sick person to restore energy balance. Ancient doctors used a method or even the psychological effect of parapsychological effects on the body.

It was a very interesting Egyptian method of treatment, which was called krystallopigi, which used a special medicinal cocktail. The cocktails were made from herbs and dust of precious stones that have healing effects. Only senior Egyptian people could afford such a luxury.

The ancient Egyptians had many knowledge in the field of medicinal herbs. Honey was a very popular tool. It contains vitamins, carbohydrates, and substances from various plants. Was unique and was used in everything from cosmetics to medicine and mummification.

The ancient Egyptians knew the antibiotic properties of some plants, such as garlic, which treated of the disease. Learned treatment methods similar to Oriental massages, acupuncture and acupressure.