Saved animals treated children
A couple of months ago in Feldman Ecopark has a new pet. A horse named Natasha was purchased by the employees from the former owner and thus rescued from the…

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The use of medicinal herbs for weight loss
Since ancient times, people passed their knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants from generation to generation. Herbal medicine have always come to the aid of the person in the…

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Good to know Malaria is not in sight, since sleeping in a pile of sagebrush

Knowledge about folk medicine came to us from the dawn of mankind. Already at the earliest stages of man, guided by the instinct of self-preservation, was forced to give himself medical aid for various injuries and diseases. And, of course, means that he was looking for in the natural environment. The plants were not only a source of food, but also helped him to get rid of diseases. Over the years people have accumulated and enriched their knowledge in herbal medicine and passed them from generation to generation.

In Russia in each house hung herbs: chamomile, St. John’s wort, nettle, fireweed. Five to seven herbs and people are not sick as often as now.

Traditional medicine at all times was and still is for people accessible and understandable method for the treatment and prevention of disease. Because it uses the funds that it is easy to find. And one of the oldest drugs are the fees different herbs, which our ancestors personally sought and treated.

And in the modern world we are dissatisfied dismiss priceless gift, losing the knowledge of nature, herbs, trees which are only one or two centuries ago, possessed by every person. Our faithful ancestors, unlike us, knew perfectly well how to eat, how to cure various diseases, without pills and were strong warriors.

We are in a situation where the shelves are overflowing, and there is nothing to buy — harmful additives, preservatives make the products unfit for human consumption. It turns out that we just need to return to our ancestral dietary habits and treatment. And no one can force a person to abandon the use of natural substances, as their efficiency was tested for thousands of years with direct impact on the body. Method of selection of such names and the application of many medicinal herbs have been preserved to our days. And now, having such a useful information about each herb, we can’t help but share it with you.

So look on our resource you need medicinal plants, read about them, choose in our online store You are interested in herbs. We are always happy to help and offer advice on any of the chosen folk remedies.

“I give you longevity!”