Medicinal herbs and their use for skin care.
Herbs in cosmetics Aloe tincture from the fresh leaves is used for washing of the skin with pustular rash. It is also used in the form of a preparation "Biostime"…

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Physiotherapy treatment in Astrakhan - PTES NFM Gazprom Astrakhan
Treatment physiotherapy The main feature of modern physiotherapy is effective practically in all diseases and at all stages of the disease, as well as in the rehabilitation of patients. The…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants: a profitable business

Today, the cultivation of medicinal plants directions for their further sales – one of the most popular methods of earning. And additional production and collection may become the basis for the development and prosperity of business in a small town.

Directions in this embodiment, the business quite a lot: the growing and harvesting of medicinal raw materials for pharmaceutical factories and food production; implementation of the citizens of potted plants; the production of individual medicinal herbs and tinctures; implementation after the cultivation of rare food plants. In order to select the industry for which it will be possible to plant and harvest large quantities of plants, it is necessary to consider in detail and decide what production takes place within the selected business area.

The main factors that affect the organization of the business project on cultivation of medicinal plants are:

the number of cultivated species of herbs;

the universe of buyers;

climatic conditions;

the quality of the soil;

area for planting;

the availability of techniques for the cultivation and collection of medicinal herbs;

the possibility of attracting new clientele and.

For a successful start-up noobishness the idea is to follow some rules:

To grow is worth more than one kind of plant;

Pick a set of plants that has different dates of planting and harvesting;

The presence of rare and wild grasses will be an advantage;

Constant experimentation in search of new species of plants and assimilation of other ways of raising will update the range and improve the profit from their activities.

The rules of business organization:

the owner of the business idea must have a clear idea about the various medicinal plants, their varieties, dates and locations of the collection;

to have information in poisonous herbs, native to the regions of collection and cultivation of medicinal plants;

need to compulsorily acquire, and after constantly replenish book stocks on the flora of the region;

to obtain a special permit for rental of land for cultivation and harvesting of plants;

delete in its activities, collect those plants that are listed in the international red book;

to find additional hired staff, which will help to increase the volume of herbal extracts and hence enhance the level of profits.