Mother-and-stepmother in folk medicine Your home doctor
Mother-and-stepmother The plant Mother and stepmother The plant is widespread in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, where it was introduced by settlers as a medicinal product. Mother-and-stepmother can…

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How to hide wrinkles on the neck
A beautiful classic facial is rare, our most expensive, tools for the skin, they can be loose or tight. The firm Matan is one of the few constantly pleasing me,…

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Alternative medicine encyclopedia medical misconceptions

Debunking popular misconceptions of modern man.

Alternative medicine

To alternative medicine in our time it is customary to include: treatment of herbs, acupressure and some other types of massage, acupuncture, and various therapies (genoterapii, banate-therapy, and the like), and more than has long been treated by our ancestors. However, if these treatments were applied since olden times, it turns out that they are the most traditional, that is, as if “sanctified by tradition”. Apparently, the name “alternative medicine” appeared in the times of the persecution of its members. To downplay its significance and to prove the superiority of modern medicine, and was given this on someone’s opinion derogatory, name.

Alternative medicine.

Sometimes you may hear that alternative medicine is especially popular in those countries where conventional medicine in serious crisis and in the years of social upheaval. In fact, there is no such relation. For example, the ubiquitous statistics notes that every year in the U.S. become more popular manual therapy, acupuncture, folk remedies and homeopathy. And Boston scientists who have studied this issue say that the number of visits of Americans to chiropractic and other “alternative” therapists exceeds the number of visits to conventional doctors.

Alternative medicine, also called unconventional medicine alternativelly, is a conventional concept that combines methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases, which for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians. The main reason usually is the lack of clear rules, a large share of subjectivity in the selection and application of these methods, poor reproducibility in the hands of different specialists and, consequently, difficulties in conducting objective tests of their effectiveness and widespread adoption in clinical practice. In addition, sometimes the concept of alternative medicine include inefficient approaches that are based on unusual ideas and fantasies.