Physiotherapy in Makhachkala
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“Golden recipes of traditional medicine: treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis can sick from hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle. Prostatitis treatment is most effective in the evening from 19 to 21 hours. I hope the following methods of treatment of prostatitis will help you cope with this disease.

In diseases of the prostate must constantly eat pumpkin seeds because they are very rich in zinc content. For the treatment of inflammation of the gland is required to eat per day 60 pumpkin seeds before eating.

In your diet as often as possible should be to be carrots with parsley. Just grate raw carrots, add the parsley and vitamin eat this salad instead of side dish constantly.

For treatment of prostatitis will help the following collection: take a teaspoon of lemon balm, dill seed, horsetail and 3 teaspoon of juniper. Cook this mixture a couple of minutes in 0.5 l. water, infuse two hours, and take three times a day, half a Cup, not more.

A decoction of burdock roots is also very effective with prostatitis. 10 grams finely crushed roots take a little less than a liter of water, boil 10 minutes, filter. Take 2 tablespoons before eating.

To cure prostatitis will help and pollens. Take it on an empty stomach, one teaspoon. For treatment you can try to drink the coal burned lime. It is necessary to finely grind the coal from the burnt lime. Brew it privychnym ,and drink all week, without a break.

When inflammation of the prostate constantly drink a decoction of parsley root. Finely chop the root and pour on boiling water, let the night is brewed in a thermos and in the morning is the healthy drink is ready for use. Drink the decoction should only before meals, five times a day, just a tablespoon.

With prostate enlargement of the patient always must eat a lot of spinach. the turnip tops, cabbage,fresh tomatoes. Well be prepared from all these components, vitamin salad, which will help you to cure prostatitis in the early stages of the disease.