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The content of the article:

Pour water and do not have hypertension!

One day in the newspaper there was an article one doctor who carried out the treatment of hypertension popular method, but he could not explain the nature of the influence of this recipe on your health. One sick woman had decided to try to treat hypertension in this way, and it really helped.

Put the night table a glass of water that we can drink. In the morning, massage your head with your fingers, stretch and stand up. Raise a glass of water in his hand up high. And give this water into another empty glass, which must hold in the other hand. Do this thirty times. All that’s left in the Cup, drink small SIPS. The treatment lasts about a month. After that I dropped the pressure and were headaches with nausea.

Since that time, the woman advises this recipe if you have hypertension. And helps everyone. First, of course, lucidream, it is difficult to pour the water, but now she can safely do this procedure.

Seeds for hypertension

Take enameled saucepan and pour in it sunflower seeds approximately in the amount of half-liter cans. Seeds should be untreated, raw and well washed. Add a half liter of cold water, and after the composition comes to a boil, boil on low heat for two hours. Then strain broth and cool. And then drink one glass throughout the day.

This drug is very quickly you get help. The pressure immediately comes back to normal, and the effect is rather persistent. It is recommended to try all those who suffer from hypertension.