Traditional medicine for psoriasis
The session time is set manually. Seized only goods as children. Peach Peach is a plant of glycemic traditional medicine against psoriasis and the Rose family, says. 3-4 weeks seemed…

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Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants and herbs have miraculous properties known since ancient times. Healers, healers and nymphs helped people overcome ailments through the healing power of plants. Aloe, marshmallow, Echinacea purpurea these…

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Sesame seed – benefits and harms – health – articles Directory – TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine

TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine

Sesame seeds benefits and harms

This useful culinary product almost every housewife, but very few know of its healing properties. Like any other medication, the sesame seed has its negative points when used. The composition of sesame seed is similar to the composition of sunflower seed. And sesame and sunflower seeds contain a large amount of oil. The sesame seeds are strong antioxidants, organic acids, saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats. With sesame seeds it is possible to achieve sufficient reduction of cholesterol. Sesame seeds is used to prevent different serious diseases.

Sesame contains calcium and other vitamins that help our body. Therefore, in folk medicine it is used to treat calcium deficiency in the bones. Sesame seed is used in the treatment of the disease osteoporosis. With sesame, you can build a fairly good muscle mass. Sesame seeds are an ideal product for vegetarians. Even a small amount of sesame oil can help to overcome the deficiency of calcium, amino acids and omega-3.

Sesame seed retains its beneficial properties even after heat treatment. Apply for food, sesame seeds in large quantities is not recommended to avoid side effects. To replenish the body’s healing substances, which are contained in sesame seeds,enough to eat two teaspoons of this product.

Sesame seeds used for the treatment of respiratory ailments and lung inflammation. For the treatment of pneumonia perfect infusion of sesame seed. This drink helps loosen mucus in the lungs and can serve as a great replacement to heavy drugs.

You need to remember that uncontrolled absorption of sesame may cause adverse consequences, so be sensible. Daily treatment sesame seed can lead to negative consequences and the exacerbation of certain diseases. The sesame seeds need to be cautious in people prone to clotting and high blood clotting. Contraindications to the sesame similar with a medicinal preparation of calcium gluconate.

Sesame contraindicated to take with medicines, which are cardiac glycosides. The reason is that a person has a high likelihood of arrhythmia. Also, the person who use sesame seed may exhibit unforeseen side effects. For example, such as irritation of the mucous membranes, constipation. It occurs, also, allergic to sesame, so if rash, swelling, itching should consult an allergist.

Sesame seed in a lot of obvious advantages, so try this tool and you will see good results.