Physiotherapy in Makhachkala
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Named animals, able to heal people
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Physiotherapy treatment in Astrakhan – PTES NFM Gazprom Astrakhan

Treatment physiotherapy

The main feature of modern physiotherapy is effective practically in all diseases and at all stages of the disease, as well as in the rehabilitation of patients.

The benefits of physiotherapy is evident. This absence of allergic and other adverse reactions that may occur in response to the use of drug treatment, reduction of terms of treatment of diseases, prevention of complications and recurrences. In addition, physical therapy improves the efficacy of drug therapy, significantly strengthen the body’s defenses, improve vitality and performance.

Clinic “Medical care” in Astrakhan invites you to get treatment in the physiotherapy Department of a resort in the city center where there are the most effective and scientifically proven methods of treatment and recovery using in medical purposes, light, magnetic fields, heat, air and ultrasound. Required physical therapy in treatment and rehabilitation, after suffering a serious illness. Also useful to strengthen the body.

The impact physical therapy has on the body?

This is a great addition, and sometimes the main method of treatment of many diseases. Physical therapy dramatically enhances the immune system,its protective power. As a result after physical therapy any therapeutic effect of the treatment is compounded. Physical therapy has beneficial effects on the body, causing changes literally at the molecular level.

What procedures you can undergo in the physiotherapy Department of the clinic “Medical care?”

The main advantages of physical therapy – painless, no side effects and contraindications. Clinic “Medical care” in Astrakhan has a large selection of physical therapy treatments:

Different types of inhalation;

Magnetic therapy;

Light treatment;

The use of paraffin;

Therapy ultrasound;

Electrotherapy – electrophoresis, galvanization.

Cryosauna-the use svirskih liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Alfalaval – complex vibro-thermo-chromo and audio effects on the body.

Department of physiotherapy PTES “Health part” is equipped with imported multifunction equipment of the latest generation made in the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and Slovenia. This allows the treatment of as safely, comfortably and effectively, and to develop a varied program of recovery from procedures that repeatedly reinforcing each other and final result of treatment.

Treatment is appointed after the consultation of doctor-therapist, which picks the most effective methods of healing, minimizing the risk of possible complications.