Traditional recipes of beauty
Modern women have a huge advantage over the older generation of their grandmothers in the selection of cosmetics beauty, as the range of cosmetics, which are offered at credstar advertising,…

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Causes and flatulence treatment folk remedies
Flatulence – accumulation of gas in the intestines, accompanied by swelling and pain in the abdomen. Usually a person contains about one liter of gas, half of which is excreted…

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What is healing and who are the healers. How right materialists claim that healing is a cover of our ignorance in medical issues. The claim that magic which managed to explain it ceases to be magic and becomes science, and have large grounds. But while science cannot explain everything, and just cannot accept the inexplicable. So we have to decide to use us inexplicable, as we now available or to refuse it on the grounds that it is inexplicable.

Medicine has always teetered on the verge of the inexplicable. So far and it is unclear why the same treatment by the same doctor the patient recovers quickly and the other slowly and painfully wasting away. And, in principle, why the same diagnosis in different people in different ways.

Should bio-energy healing. In medicine it so I can include no one is going. However, these healers are very good achievements and many cured patients.

Consider the various types of healing, both mixed and not of a medical nature. The healers wrote many. Attempts are being made to understand so far. Ended in failure, the idea of certification of healers – the doctors and they speak too many different languages, and all that is beyond scientific explanation medicine withdraws to the placebo effect(not bad, it would, in principle, to understand why he sushestvuyet effect).

But back to the healers and go from the beginning. It is clear that the healer was up to the doctors. It is clear that medicine has grown out of healing. But let’s define some terms at this point in time. The healer that carries this concept? Who can become a healer? The healer – the energy, the knowledge of herbs, mystical power?

Energy healing – energy techniques for treatment of humans.

Breath. From pranayama to morning exercises. Breathing practices can improve human to make it hardy and peaceful. To be balanced a little breathing much healthier than eating pills or drinking herbs. Breathe and be well.

Let’s look a little further. What modern man, not the healer when faced with a situation healed? With lots of tips and recipes healthy. Among them are useful, there is not much that is overtly harmful and populist. You may recall the story of an ordinary cow butter. When in stores we have been offered vague product, trickling water, and good oil was not to find, we were told that oil is bad. You should eat margarine. As soon as we are inundated import Valio and Achor oil has become very useful. So which one is it?