Folk medicine treatment of hemorrhoids cones Christmas trees green needles
Folk medicine treatment of hemorrhoids cones Christmas trees green needles - share with you. Carefully review the content, perhaps missing the disease can be found in the section with the…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants
Business idea in agriculture applies in most cases, the cultivation of fruit plants, other plants and manufacturing from them various products, for example, sunflower oil. However, in addition to fruit…

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Named animals, able to heal people

It is known that some Pets have a positive effect on the health of his master. An international team of researchers has identified five fauna that can heal people.

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Some animals open new possibilities for medicine, since they can treat diabetes, dementia and even Parkinson’s disease.

An international group of scientists conducted a series of studies and found that zootherapy is highly beneficial for maintaining good health. And the first animals that best suited for this – cats, which is truly an inexhaustible source of health. According to investigators, the cats contribute to the treatment of depression, mental disorders, and neuroses. So, 20 minutes of being near the cat normalize the heartbeat and stabilize blood pressure. Also treatment is cats is practiced for the treatment of pathologies of the respiratory system, like asthma, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, reproductive and endocrine systems. Also cats help treat joint diseases, fractures, injuries and even alcoholism and drug addiction.

Snakes also often participate in animal therapy. They are used for relaxing and pain relieving massage at the SPA, says spa workshop services Lotus. and their venom effectivene vein treatment, joints diseases and cancer.

Dogs also help in maintaining good health of the host due to the need to walk with your pet at least twice a day. Walking the dog helps to maintain normal weight, fight depression, and also serve as prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, dogs have the ability to smell cancer in its early stages, and the saliva of these animals has antibacterial properties.

In third place was the horse, which in recent years doctors have increasingly begun to involve the treatment of people. Particularly useful therapy horses for the youngest patients who suffer from autism or mental disorders. These noble animals are able to pull adults from severe depression, and help to cope with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Important to maintain human health have bees because the products of their production unique. So, honey can be used as a cosmetic and medicinal product. Propolis is anti-fungal, immunostimulating, regenerative, and antibacterial substance. Bee venom is usually used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neurology, muscle pathology.