Known powerful healers from alcoholism
Perhaps the moral foundations in society, if known powerful healer of alcoholism are diseases of the cardiovascular system? Coding from alcoholism (encoding alcohol) is a medical technique, to live. Alcoholic…

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Mother-and-stepmother in folk medicine Your home doctor
Mother-and-stepmother The plant Mother and stepmother The plant is widespread in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, where it was introduced by settlers as a medicinal product. Mother-and-stepmother can…

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First in Minsk, the petting zoo was volunteering to treat children touches animals

Dmitry Boyko educated as an automobile engineer. But the destiny has developed so that special machines became Manager of a network of contact zoos “Country of Enote” — the only in Belarus, where the visitors are allowed to pet, feed and even brush the animals. “I believe that bring the country benefits less than if the cars did. Animals, children are very positive!” says Dimitri, looking around at enclosures 13 in the shopping center “Titan”. Recently started free pet therapy for special children.

Less than two months from the opening of the first zoo of the network, as the owners open the next, even bigger zoo in the shopping center “Tivoli” in prytytski street. Pet animals there will be for this coming Saturday, October 24. Not far off, and the emergence of the “Country of Emotii” in the shopping center “Europe”. Definitely, Minsk guys like the idea: the ability to touch the characters the most endearing memes — raccoons, ferrets, hedgehogs…

Gaining momentum, the business does not forget about the social side of things. A few days ago, the owners have launched a free pet therapy for children with disabilities.

“In a big city like Minsk, in children and adults very little opportunity for contact with animals. And we just did that’s all. If the child pet the animal, poderjav hands, he is sure to be an emotional lift. This is the basic principle of pet-therapy, — says Dmitry Boyko. — In the West have long used the communication with animals for treatment. While in Belarus we will get first. Session pet therapy will last an hour. During this time the child will be able not only to communicate with animals and hear about them from a zoo employee. Of course, we don’t set ourselves any medical purposes is can only do the doctors. But if communicating with animals will lift your spirits and improve health of children with special needs — it’ll be great!”

Now a ticket to a petting zoo on weekdays is 80 000 rubles, on weekends — 100 000. For children with disabilities and groups of specialized boarding schools sign now free. For large families made a discount of 50%.

“About the condition of animals you don’t worry,’ replies to my question Dmitry. — We monitor them very closely. Rangers are on duty both day and night shifts. Take care that the animals had enough water and food. In front of the entrance requiring visitors to handle hands with antiseptic, and feet to stand on the Mat with detraction, wear Shoe covers. We even have chicken rush! See, it’s all right with their health”.