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The cultivation of medicinal plants — a gain or loss?

Despite the fact that in the world today are intensively developing chemistry, nanotechnology and other branches of science, most pharmaceutical companies still creates their products based on natural components. The proportion of plant substances exceeds 60% of the total funds. This is understandable, because nature is the source of medicine from any disease. This applies not only to medicinal herbs and plants, but also health resorts. They owe their development of medical tourism in Russia .

Make in nature

Some drugs are created solely on the basis of such components. And it’s not just about different kinds of teas. The most severe diseases of the cardiovascular system treatment plant strophanthus and digitalis, which are part of drugs. But, despite this demand, the growing and harvesting of these drugs for a long time were not a profitable business. So most herbs and plants for pharmacology purchased abroad, while the local acreage steadily decreased.

Today there is the prospect that the situation will change. This was possible due to the growth of demand for herbal remedies that have:

a small number of side effects;

affordable cost;

vozmozhnostregulirovaniya synthetic elements in cure;

security actions.

Due to this need is quite simple: people tend to be healthy. That is why in the conditions of crisis this segment of the market never experienced any downturns. And people today increasingly tend to nature, and this gives reason to think that the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants will be profitable in the future. Moreover, the climate of our country is ideal for this, providing exclusive offers to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is clear that when thinking about this business, there are many questions. One of the most important – what herbs to grow. If a person is not special education, the solution to this problem may become an obstacle on the way to your own business. Therefore it is better to leave it on outsourcing marketing. This will not only save you time, but also to obtain a professional market study.