Traditional recipes of beauty
Modern women have a huge advantage over the older generation of their grandmothers in the selection of cosmetics beauty, as the range of cosmetics, which are offered at credstar advertising,…

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What is healing and who are the healers. How right materialists claim that healing is a cover of our ignorance in medical issues. The claim that magic which managed to…

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Physiotherapy in Makhachkala

Wide use of natural factors in conjunction with physical means provide physiotherapy undoubted advantages over other methods of treatment. The effects of heat and cold, mud and water procedures, massages, magnetic and ultrasonic treatment, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, as well as many others — is a highly efficient and secure.

The recognized advantages of using the entire set of physiotherapy is the fact that such prevention can significantly reduce the medication, and sometimes completely eliminate. The fact that the body consists of internal reserves samoregulyacii and increased sensitivity to the medication.

Side effects and adverse effects of the disease are minimized by increasing the body’s defenses. Strengthening the immune system and inclusion of internal reserves, the activation of biochemical processes, constant attitude for recovery can reduce the duration of treatment and recovery after injuries and serious inflammatory processes.

Basic directions in the methods of treatment physiotherapy.

One of popular directions of physical therapy is cryotherapy . The uniqueness of the method consists of exposing the body to low temperatures (liquid nitrogen is applied). Health and aesthetic effects are evident just after 2-3 procedures. Prekraschayutsya motor in the apparatus, improves sleep, increases tone, smoothes skin, etc.

In phototherapy uses the method of applying natural solar irradiation (insolation) and the ultraviolet, infrared radiation. In hydrotherapy (balneotherapy) using fresh water (shower, tub, etc.) along with natural and artificial preparation of mineral waters. Widely used baths with hydrogen sulphide and radon. Simultaneously with the hydrotherapy should apply thermotherapy (therapeutic mud, heated paraffin wax, ozokerite, dry air, sand, steam).

Ultrasound and vibrotherapy, massage and manual exposure are noted as a mechanical physiotherapy . In recent years, special attention is paid to the newest technologies, to create devices capable of responding to the voice of a man that has a music therapy with ultrasound and laser, providing a variety of frequency ranges.