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Useful properties of Brazil nut

Useful properties of Brazil nut is very important for all organ systems of the human body.

The Brazil nut grows in countries such as Guinea, Bolivia, Peru, and certainly in Brazil, which is home to walnut. In the Amazon forest, the trees reach about 50 meters in height.

Brazilian walnut is also called Bertholletia. The fruit has an oval shape, taste and appearance very similar to a coconut.

In Brazil nuts contain all the nutrients a man needs: proteins fats and carbohydrates. The nut is highly nutritious, contains 703 calories.

The skin was nice and clean, and his hair shone, enough in a day to eat 1-2 walnuts.

They also have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of both men and women.

In Brazil nuts contain almost all the minerals, vitamins, nutrients and biological substances, which are so important for the normal development of the human body.

The nut includes vitamins A, E and B, thiamine, selenium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The fiber contained in nuts, helps with intestinal diseases and promotes normal digestion. The same substance contains arginine – an acid that helps with blood clotting.

Flavonoid substance helps with heart and vascular diseases.

Selenium – a substance that prevents premature aging of the skin. Selenium rids Organismo prostate cancer and breast cancer, prevents and stops the formation of tumors.

Two Brazilian walnut tree in a day will help to cope with stress and depression, improve metabolism. One cookie gives a person cheerfulness and forces. In addition, it reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and helps to normalize sugar in the body.

For colds, doctors advise to consume this nut, because it has antibacterial properties, strengthens the immune system. Useful include walnut in your diet, and he will give you credit.

Brazilian walnut is used not only in food but also in the manufacture of the oil that lubricate the movements. Artists use oil for the manufacture of paints.

Salads and light meals when you add a Brazil nut purchase piquant taste. Finely chopped nuts are good in bread, cakes and pies. Unshelled Brazil nuts can be stored for about several years and preserve their useful properties.