Known powerful healers from alcoholism
Perhaps the moral foundations in society, if known powerful healer of alcoholism are diseases of the cardiovascular system? Coding from alcoholism (encoding alcohol) is a medical technique, to live. Alcoholic…

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The Shamans Of Tuva
I was afraid of the shamans, because repeatedly witnessed their effectiveness. Yeah I didn't want to know your future and cure I had nothing. Then one scientist lady from England…

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Instrumental methods in osteochondrosis: physical therapy and physiotherapy

To date, the pathogenesis of such diseases as osteochondrosis have been well studied. Despite this, the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a number of problems. Traditionally, the disease is treatable with medication . with the use of various drugs, relaxing muscles and neutralizing the spasms that cause pain.

As a rule, after the procedure of taking the drugs, the pain can return . often with renewed vigor. This is due to the fact that the medications only prevent the pain but not cure the initial problem, the condition of the back muscles, intervertebral discs remains the same, which invariably leads to a new wave of disease.

For the treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and other types of osteoarthritis have long been used various hardware methods of treatment .

First aid for the treatment of kompressionnogo spine described here. Such misfortunes it is better to prepare in advance.

Physiotherapy in osteochondrosis.

Physical therapy is quite effective and widely used method for the treatment of the spine. Treated using physical therapy various diseases, including osteochondrosis . The method has many advantages.

The physiotherapist acts selectively on the seat of the disease, adjacent organs and tissues are not affected and, therefore, not bulatnikovo negative result. This factor is very important in applying the method of physical therapy for the treatment of children and the elderly. The body of these patients quite vulnerable to other forms of treatment.

The advantages of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be a great addition to the treatment or to act as separate treatment for diseases that are really difficult to cure using traditional methods .

Physiotherapy is not able to cause a sharp exacerbation of chronic diseases . might have patient. If you use conventional medicines it is very difficult to guarantee.

Physiotherapy normalizes the metabolic processes in the human body, boosts immunity, improves the General condition of the organism and its individual organs and systems. To achieve recovery is possible with the help of beneficial properties of transformed energy forms: mechanical and electrical, as well as the application of a number of natural factors (light, water, climate, dirt).

Types of physiotherapy:

Detenzor therapy

Laser therapy


Magnetic therapy


Shock wave therapy

The vibrating effect


Physiotherapy at home

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is an effective method of treatment, which is reduced to the effects on the body of the light flux. Laser therapy has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Laser therapy reduces pain. This method of treatment in Russia in the 80’s and immediately gained wide popularity.