Folk remedies treatment of hypertension
Hypertension – causes, symptoms, stages and diagnosis Hypertension 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees – the symptoms, complications, risks, development Emergency first aid in hypertensive crisis Diet for hypertension: what…

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Physiotherapy in Makhachkala
Wide use of natural factors in conjunction with physical means provide physiotherapy undoubted advantages over other methods of treatment. The effects of heat and cold, mud and water procedures, massages,…

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The Shamans Of Tuva

I was afraid of the shamans, because repeatedly witnessed their effectiveness. Yeah I didn’t want to know your future and cure I had nothing.

Then one scientist lady from England who have been studying shamanism, told me that one of the reasons I can’t finish my project about shamans that built a barrier between them and us. “You need to pick a shaman, and trust him, he will reveal to you the way” she said to me and advised one strong shaman (Nadia from shaman clinic Dungur), which performs its actions by using a silver mirror, she inherited along with the abilities from his grandfather a shaman. She’s on a full moon night in the desert sat down and caught the reflection of the moon in the mirror, was in trance, come into contact with spirits and can see all your past, present, and future to create some magic with you.

Shamanism in ancient times was the most widespread religion on earth. Then, when people gained an understanding of the basic processes of life and learned to manage them the need for people with superhuman powers of anticipation and influence, has disappeared. Therefore, this powerful shaman is rare on earth. One of the few places which has remained strong shamanism, that of Tuva.

I decided to show shamans in the portraits of each, you can look in the eyes, feel the power and energy of a magnetic personality, enjoy looking at the wealth of paraphernalia.

In brimacombe the shaman is not the same. He closes his eyes and is transported to the spirit world, leaving the viewer with only the outer shell – suit dancing with a tambourine around a campfire, it’s spectacular, but I wanted to look him in the eye, and through them in depth personality.

In the past, shamans were not allowed to capture yourself believing that it steals their soul. And only numerous, for several years, to travel to Tuva, proved to them my good intention and understanding of shamans.