HIRUDOTHERAPY is a Network of family medical centers, Clinics Nixor
Hirudotherapy (leech therapy) Today, many non-traditional methods of medicine are at the peak of popularity, and no wonder – humanity is sick of chemo and surgery, and returned to the…

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Treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Munich
Welcome to treatment in Munich! Your trip for treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in Germany will help you plan and organize Medical Munich. For support in the clinics and coordination of…

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Growing spicy herbs to Your Garden

You are a lucky owner of a garden site. Besides, you are already well aware of the invaluable benefits it can give you in the form of a variety of fruits and berries, medicinal herbs baskets, fresh air and birds singing joyfully. If you real owner of the garden, if caring for you is not a burden but a joy, then you certainly use a useful features of your garden to the maximum.

One of such useful features is the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants. If healthful, environmentally friendly plant will become your indispensable assistant in the fight with various ailments, the fresh and aromatic garden herbs grown by you personally on your own land will be an indispensable tool in your culinary farm, besides fill your garden with a wonderful bouquet of aromas, carrying you to the Eastern tale of a thousand and one nights.

Most herbs have wonderful decorative look and will perfectly fit into any design composition. It is preferable to plant the seedlings closer to the kitchen, where they are always at hand, and the mood of the chef adds. But, of course there has to be a garden path for easy access to herbal array.

You should not plant different herbs too close to each other – among the plants begins unhealthy competition for moisture and nutrients, which requires each species to varying degrees. Fashionable and beautiful in the garden where they grow herbs to make a hedge of boxwood or lavender.

Most herbs – perennial plants, not requiring too much attention, which is reduced eventually to fall from the thinning of weak and useless individuals, periodic removal of weeds and watering in a specific pattern. To improve their natural features and body strengthening plants, the land where grow herbs . in autumn fertilize with manure or mineral fertilizers in the early spring. Agnoletti few, like Basil or two-year old, such as parsley require cyclic planting seeds.

Almost all herbs of light – and heat-loving. Therefore ideal for growing herbs will be areas that the majority of the time brightly Sunny, and have high quality fertile, well-drained soil. Herbs bloom in mid-summer.

Compared with the volume of work required by a garden of herbs . the result will exceed all your expectations, and the culinary masterpieces that will make you the hostess or you are going to differ very expressive. It is known that the useful plants, which are plucked and grown in your own garden, especially valuable.