Useful properties of Brazil nut
Useful properties of Brazil nut is very important for all organ systems of the human body. The Brazil nut grows in countries such as Guinea, Bolivia, Peru, and certainly in…

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Altai medicinal herbs and plants, fees, teas, online shop herbs
The main focus of our work is the sale of a large assortment of medicinal plants and cosmetics, created on their basis. Moreover, we offer to buy in Moscow products…

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Herbs on guard mens health and strength

Alternative medicine offers a multitude of recipes for the treatment of male diseases and solutions to male problems.

In homeopathy it is well known that there are a number of “male” herbs, which are designed to solve health problems of a strong half of mankind. Most of them have androgenic and adaptogenic properties.

Fireweed on-scientific is called “fireweed narrow-leaved” and is a fairly common plant. Ivan-tea is part of many recipes for beauty and health. Also traditional healers for a long time and is well known for its healing qualities, the ability to increase immunity, to restore hematopoiesis. Also, this natural healer remarkably eliminates the effects of radiation, courageously confronts cancer, actively increases efficiency. Fireweed effectively used for the prevention and treatment of male impotence, hormonal disorders and inflammatory diseases of male reproductive organs.

All these great quality fireweed has, through entering into its composition askorbinki, which in this plant more than in lemon, and carotenoid, which are also more than carrots. And Ivan-tea contains iron, copper, manganese, Nickel and other minerals.

Long from listlevitra plants did kipany tea, which was famous for its wonderful taste and its miraculous character.

Spurge Pallas is commonly called “man-root” – it perfectly can regulate the production of male hormones, improve and restore male strength. Even doctors recommend to combine medicamentous treatment with the use of the decoction or alcoholic tincture of the root of Euphorbia Pallas with adenomas of the prostate, prostatitis, loss of potency and infertility.

Prostrate or ground-based Tribulus on the first type of plant is inconspicuous. But it is an excellent medicinal raw materials, which are used in all parts – from flowers to roots. It is a huge amount of steroidal glycosides, based on developing herbal drugs to treat the symptoms of hypertension, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis and hormonal imbalance. Tribulus is a natural analogue of synthetic testosterone.

One male plant is salep, which is scientifically called “spotted Orchis”. This indispensable component known medicinal healers since the time of Avicenna. The famous doctor wrote that salep “excite lust, and facilitates intercourse.” And our ancestors knew about the healing property of salep – cooked “elixir of love”.

In folk medicine it is believed that the most healing are the young tubers of this plant that you need to dig immediately after flowering.