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Alternative medicine versus traditional heartburn

Heartburn appears at least once in your life, but every person. Strictly speaking, this is not a disease, but can often become one, manifesting as an associated disease in the stomach ulcer, gastritis and cholecystitis. Heartburn referred to as an unpleasant sensation that occurs in the esophagus due with splashing in his acidic stomach contents. Also the cause of heartburn may be a violation of normal activity of the stomach, esophagus and duodenum. In most cases this disease is due to the fact that the digestive tract of a particular person does not tolerate a particular product.

In the case of treatment of heartburn folk medicine has achieved truly incredible results: professionals who practice unconventional methods, I suggest to use, for example, barley or oats, in small quantities you should eat, swallowing saliva and after a couple of minutes, the heartburn disappears. You can also eat ground or crushed nuts (almonds) – for a noticeable effect just 1 tbsp of these “medications” daily.

As a preventive measure against heartburn you can use the juice of raw potato. The tubers need to clean, rinse and grate, and then formed from the pulp squeeze the juice. At the first signs of the disease such remedy was adopted by 1 tbsp times a day before meals with strong attacks, you can increase the dose to 2 tbsp it is Important to remember that distinnamesday only freshly prepared juice. In extreme cases, for the relief of sudden bouts of heartburn can be recommended to use mineral water sold in glass bottles.

Eggshell against unpleasant burning sensation in the mouth and esophagus (the most unpleasant symptoms) operates very effectively and that is sometimes the most important, quickly. It has been removed from boiled eggs, in powdered form should be taken in dosage of ½ tsp. three times a day. About the same action is different and the most ordinary buckwheat, if a plate of this magical means to eat every day fasting, you can avoid attacks of chronic heartburn that cannot be handled by any other means of treatment.

Separately to say about that in this disease you must try daily to drink plenty of water to reduce the acidity in the esophagus, as well as all the time of treatment to reduce or eliminate from the diet all food of fatty, salty, spicy and sharp. In addition to this diet can be recommended to prepare a special herbal – take dried and crushed fennel (1 tsp) dill (1 tsp.) and anise seeds (1 tsp), mix thoroughly and make a glass of water. This tea is taken daily 1-2 cups – not SIPS and spoonfuls, gradually “flooding” the attack of heartburn. The course of such treatment can be done in six weeks, but no longer.