What is healing and who are the healers. How right materialists claim that healing is a cover of our ignorance in medical issues. The claim that magic which managed to…

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Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants and herbs have miraculous properties known since ancient times. Healers, healers and nymphs helped people overcome ailments through the healing power of plants. Aloe, marshmallow, Echinacea purpurea these…

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Can folk medicine to replace pharmacology

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that by 2018, 90% of drugs should be manufactured in Russia . The head of state urged to release not just generics (so-called clones of well-known drugs) and to develop their own formulas.

And while this did not happen and drugs are expensive, many Russians prefer to be treated folk remedies. The most popular natural medicines is, of course, honey, lemon and garlic, which help treat the common cold. But cardiovascular diseases treat of pumpkin juice with honey, decoction of Lily of the valley or Valerian. For people with diabetes, nature also has its own drug: the mixture of parsley, garlic and lemon zest. They say that this mix greatly reduces sugar in the blood. The majority still believes that the best way to reduce the cost of medications is to not get sick.

Folk remedies can harm and lead to the opposite effect, in an interview with TV channel “MIR 24” said the therapist, allergist Anna Rangina .

Can the traditional medicine to replace the pharmacy?

Anna Ronina: Official medicine of all folk remedies pays only phytotherapy (herbal treatment). Such treatment is possible only under the supervision of a physician, because herbs too, can hurt, for example, incorrectly picking the part.

Many from prototypage tea with lemon

Anna Ronina: Really rich alkaline water with raspberries, lemon is an effective remedy.

And honey?

Anna Ronina: If you are not allergic to honey, of course.

Many often buy the antibiotics of their choice

Anna Ronina: Antibiotics should be taken only on doctor’s prescription. Itself to buy medicines is not necessary because their use can cause the opposite effect.

What can you say about sweet powders, effervescent soluble tablets?

Anna Ronina: Better again to go to the doctor, he will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Some powders will not suffice.

Many people write about that all diseases can be treated by the same means, which was treated 20 years ago: the same analginum or paracetamol is much cheaper than new counterparts. This is the right approach?

Anna Ronina: These medications are still effective, but dangerous. In 75% of countries actually banned analgin. And we used it including injections. Yes, it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, but it can cause serious complications.

Can Russian drugs to replace their foreign counterparts?

It is unlikely that we can get by with just their drugs.

But if we start to produce them?