Can folk medicine to replace pharmacology
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Ten animals that we treat
Cats, dogs and even lizards is not only mimimi, but the real "er" Cats, dogs, hamsters and even lizards is not only. nyashki and really cute, but the real "er"…

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Park herbs

Let Miranda look at her workshop.

These eucalyptus leaves are prepared for obtaining from them the essential oils. In one of the working areas of the installation where are placed the sheets after will be milled using special reels. At the bottom of the unit heats water, steam rises through which the crushed eucalyptus leaves, opening their cells, a process of “sublimation”. Then, the resulting liquid is connected to cool water, the essential oil rises, after which it is collected. This completely organic process of producing natural essential oils.

And now we will visit “dryer”, where the harvested plants are prepared to be Packed in medicinal teas.

For example, hawthorn berry . Their infusions are used, in particular, for the treatment of heart disease.

And this purple Basil . He used to care for the oral cavity, helps with respiratory diseases, high temperatures, and it is added to food as a spice.

From their wonderful herbs Miranda produces not only herbal and essential oils. She cooks a variety of tools for body care: creams, lotions, natural Soaps .

And she has a beautiful cotton bags where she puts the leaves of the lavender and the cherry pits: if you suffer from headache, heat this bag in mikrovolnovaya, and put yourself on the occipital region – in a few minutes the pain will pass and you will feel refreshed.

And all of this is made on the basis of medicinal herbs grown in her garden.

For example, here the set of “Happy mom” (Happy mama) here: massage oil for pregnant women, essential oils that facilitate the process of childbirth, means of preventing and healing stretch marks in the abdominal area and chest as well as medicinal tea, which helps women recover faster after childbirth.

Today a huge number of different tools we can buy in pharmacies. The only difference is that the teas, lotions and oils Miranda made exclusively from herbs, and the price of all these products is much lower.

Miranda said that one of her favorite herbs is nettle (nettle)! it appears in the juice of nettles vitamin E contains more than carrots. And nettle is full of vitamin C, as well as rare D, lot of calcium and iron. Important : our body absorbs iron (vitamin F) only if it is consumed in combination with vitamin C. It is such a natural combination and we’ll find it in the juice of the nettle.

Now let’s take a walk in the Park.

The whole Park is divided into several thematic sections: Medicinal (medical). Aromatic (aromatic), Ladies (lady’s). Kitchen (cuisine), Bath (tub), Potpourri (potpourri)i, Pest Control ( pest control).