Acne. Treatment of folk remedies
Hated all the acne can occur in all ages of human life, but more often they appear in teenagers who have changing hormone levels due to puberty. At a later…

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How to hide wrinkles on the neck
A beautiful classic facial is rare, our most expensive, tools for the skin, they can be loose or tight. The firm Matan is one of the few constantly pleasing me,…

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The basics of Chinese traditional medicine

Chinese medicines are created on the basis of a combination of different kinds of herbs, many of which are found in Europe.

The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are the means and methods of treatment of diseases, developed in China more than 2 thousand years ago. In addition to medicine of TCM belong to and the various methods of psycho-physiological practices (Wushu, qigong, daoyin), special techniques in nutrition, as well as elements of martial arts.

First, TCM was practiced only in East Asia, especially in countries such as Vietnam, Korea or Japan. In each of these countries then developed their own traditions, each of which is, however, one way or another relied on the basis laid of TCM, the most important role in which plays the careful observation of the functioning of the human organism and the subsequent systematization of these observations.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers man as an integral part of nature and a certain organic whole, Central to which is “dense” and “hollow” organs, and internal communication is provided by a “system of meridians” or “channels” of movement of vital energy “qi”.

The emergence and development of diseases are considered by Chinese medicine as a result of the struggle between the protective forces of the body and causing the disease manifestations of imbalance between Yin and Yang or as resultaccutane reasons for operating inside the human body.

Along with drug therapies under TCM is widely used also reflexology is based on the technique of warming acupuncture points sagebrush miniature cigarettes that are called maximi. The lower part of Moxa has a special stand, which she set on the selected area of the body.

Today TCM is very popular in the world, for example, acupuncture is practiced today in many countries of the world. Now in China make effort to ensure that the traditional practices and theories of TCM to combine the approaches of Western and Eastern medicine. The Academy of Chinese medical Sciences (previously Academy of Traditional Chinese medicine of China) is the largest research centre for the study of TCM.

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Folk remedies treatment of hypertension
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