"Golden recipes of traditional medicine: treatment of prostatitis
Prostatitis can sick from hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle. Prostatitis treatment is most effective in the evening from 19 to 21 hours. I hope the following methods of treatment of prostatitis…

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Folk remedies treatment of hypertension
Hypertension – causes, symptoms, stages and diagnosis Hypertension 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees – the symptoms, complications, risks, development Emergency first aid in hypertensive crisis Diet for hypertension: what…

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Altai medicinal herbs and plants, fees, teas, online shop herbs

The main focus of our work is the sale of a large assortment of medicinal plants and cosmetics, created on their basis. Moreover, we offer to buy in Moscow products supplied to us directly from the manufacturers. This format of interaction with suppliers leads to a number of advantages for our customers:

1. You have the opportunity to purchase original Altai herbs, prepared according to modern technologies and preserving the fullness of the data nature of medical properties. Additionally, we present an extensive catalog of dietary Supplements and alternative medicine funds, inviting you to buy unique candles Dorogova, honey songs stream the beaver (castoreum), effective drugs for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and related tools to maintain health.

2. You offered, perhaps the largest catalogue of products, among which you will find both common and very rare, and therefore particularly valuable medicinal herbs of the Altai. The traditional interest of our buyers are also charges of “Vitalux”, “Hot key” natural cosmetics “Vivaton” is widely represented in our catalogue.

3. Our prices meet the needs of most customers, as they are the most balanced dostupnymi. Additionally for certain types of medicinal herbs and fees we regularly offer discounts that can reach up to 30%.

Necessary herbal preparation can be selected via convenient filter system . Applications are processed round the clock delivery in Moscow by courier, to Russia – mail with cod. Also we are waiting for you in our store at VDNH (pavilion “Unions). Here you can not only buy medicinal herbs and mixtures, but also to cheer up the stunning views.

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All products are certified