Medicine in Ancient Egypt
In Ancient Egypt there existed a unique medical practice. The Egyptians had an extensive knowledge about space, the stars, the Earth and the human body. In the past, almost all…

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The use of medicinal herbs for weight loss
Since ancient times, people passed their knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants from generation to generation. Herbal medicine have always come to the aid of the person in the…

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Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants and herbs have miraculous properties known since ancient times. Healers, healers and nymphs helped people overcome ailments through the healing power of plants. Aloe, marshmallow, Echinacea purpurea these plants help to boost immunity.

Treated using medicinal plants, and the monks of the Christian monasteries. At that time the plants are not cultivated but collected at a certain time of day and year. Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic. Centaury helps resit problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

From vegetables powerful herbs are pumpkin and corn. Her flesh stimulates the bowels, and the seeds are excellent Anthelmintics.

Gradually, with the development of medicine. medicinal plants have learned not just to gather in the fields, forests and meadows, but began to be grown on a special Apothecary gardens. By order of Peter the great gardens were created in all large cities of Russia.

Despite the rapid development of modern medicine, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the importance of medicinal plants and herbs has not decreased at all, but rather became more important.

The medicinal plants are active substances. Their number directly depends on growing conditions, soil type, light conditions and that osobennogo, the timing of collection.

Perhaps some medicinal plants have long chosen a secluded corner of your garden, and you have no idea of their miraculous power.

For gardeners and farmers of medicinal plants can become a real decoration of the garden plot.

How to grow medicinal herbs and plants? What are the medicinal properties of herbs?

Wonderful garden with great pleasure will share with you knowledge about what is the healing power of medicinal plants. Will reveal the secrets of their cultivation.

Please note that medicinal plants to be treated is not always safe and better to autodelete under the supervision of a physician.

Many medicinal plants and in large doses has no adverse effects on the body.

However, there are some strong instances that can harm your health. Medicinal plants, as a rule, rich in vitamins and minerals. They may contain essential oils, organic acids, antibiotic and tannins.

Our encyclopedia of medicinal plants will tell you about how useful each of the known medicinal herbs, what are the optimal conditions of preparation and storage of medicinal raw materials.