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The benefits and harms of red Rowan

This plant is well known as decorative. Fresh fruits are food for livestock and poultry, and berries are processed and used as raw material in confectionery industry, for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In folk medicine have long used ordinary red mountain ash, but it may hurt in certain diseases.

The composition of the red mountain ash

Harm and good fruit makes them rich composition. Be contained in the berries: citric, tartaric, succinic, malic acid, sugar, sorbose, pectin and tannins, sorbic acid and ascorbic acid, amino acids, carotene, triterpenic compounds, flavonoids, dietary fiber.

Thanks to this composition, it is used as a means to better digestive process, the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates metabolism, astringent, antibacterial, choleretic and diuretic effect.

Useful properties.

Rowan berries are used for medicinal purposes. Because of the bitter taste in food is almost not consume the fruits fresh. They are part of the vitamin fees, preparing powder, fresh juice, pasta, infusions. Teas and infusions from the fruits in traditional medicine is indicated for the beriberi, also used as hemostatic and diuretic medications.

Long used in folk medicine as a choleretic agent. And the reason is, it soderjaniem sorbitol and sorbic acid. Viruses, bacteria, fungi are “afraid” of sorbic acid. Sorbitol reduces cholesterol in the blood, fat in the liver.

At the lowered acidity of gastric juice is recommended to drink one teaspoon before eating juice of fresh berries. Fresh juice is also used in diseases of the bladder, inflammation of the kidneys, hypertension.

From the berries of this plant in the food industry make healthy fruit drinks, jams, preserves, wines, liqueurs, cordials. Honey is obtained from it with a reddish tinge, has a strong pleasant fragrance and has medicinal properties.

People with high acidity of gastric juice of the red Rowan could be harmful. Those who suffered a heart attack or stroke who have elevated blood clotting, drink teas, juices, extracts of Rowan, is contraindicated.