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Yakut shamans received the certificate of state registration

Yakut shamans now in the law. The representatives of the ancient religious movement has received the official certificate of registration. Three hundred years, the Yakuts called the spirits and treated plots illegally.

What are the opportunities for ancient peoples opens a new status, tells our correspondent Daniel Gorchakov.

This official document several generations of the Yakut shamans waited for more than three centuries. Ancient religion, with about the language of the Sakha people can translate the expression “AAR Aiyy”, was banned during the first Russian Governor in Yakutsk.

In Soviet times, the shamanic tradition, secretly preserved in the majority of Yakut families, have been declared remnants of the dark past. In the 90 years known in Yakutia Professor Kondakov tried bit by bit to restore the faith of the ancestors of the Sakha people. But many years were to pass all examination and to obtain legal recognition of followers “AAR Aiyy”.

The indigenous population of the banks of the Lena river is officially considered to be Orthodox. Most Yakut – Russian names and surnames. However, there is still a widespread faith. People can take part in the ritual of blessing algys, and then go to Church. Religious symbols often combine hristianskuyu with elements of worship Tengri, the Turkic peoples called the patron Saint of the sky.

The official Church into this mix wary. Still shamans and belief in spirits are considered to be paganism. However, any animosity between the different religious communities in Yakutia is long gone. And the main spiritual feast supporters of AAR Aiyy – Ysyakh in the Republic declared the official holiday.

To see or even to become parties to the rites of the ancient religion of the Sakha people – “AAR Aiyy” is now far outside of the Northern Republic. Ysyakh is a traditional celebration of the beginning of summer, celebrate the Yakut Diaspora in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many towns of Siberia and the Far East. For example, on the banks of the Amur river near Khabarovsk traditional dance-the round dance osuokhay has United not only representatives of the Yakut, but also many other peoples living in the Khabarovsk Krai.