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Folk remedies treatment of hypertension
Hypertension – causes, symptoms, stages and diagnosis Hypertension 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees – the symptoms, complications, risks, development Emergency first aid in hypertensive crisis Diet for hypertension: what…

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Herbs on guard mens health and strength
Alternative medicine offers a multitude of recipes for the treatment of male diseases and solutions to male problems. In homeopathy it is well known that there are a number of…

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SELKUP SHAMANS – “Women of Yamal”


The Selkup shaman’s gift was inherited from father to son or grandson. If in a family where the father was the shaman, the son did not become a shaman, that grandson sure is getting them. In songs, the tunes of the Selkup shaman learned songs and tunes of his father and grandfather. In shaman songs shaman-grandson is often called the grandfather of the assistants (spirits), urging them to follow the road laid down by his grandfather.

The child, who was destined to become a shaman, there are signs recognized from childhood. Such child has “clear” hair curls on the nape of the neck, high forehead and sharp look. Subsequently, he preferred to be alone with the approach of the teenage years all the more notable oddities. At age 14-15 or 20-21 years, Selkup, which was to be a shaman, called in sick weird mysterious disease. Disturbed sleep, hallucinations, the depression possessed him. Often these mental problems had worsened, the patient fainted, raged, sang. Then the relatives spoke to an old experienced shaman. The shaman camel, driving away evil spirits from the patient (“vote”), learned, whose band patrons encourage young Selkup to shamanism. Continue reading

Guide healer

8. The patient

To you for the first time the patient came. What to do with it? If you are a Teacher you should understand that just by chance, to you no one will come, and every patient is a task that you must solve for the benefit of Teachers. So:

first, ask the Teacher, can you take it, or him, I’d politely refuse, especially if you promise all sorts of goods;

secondly, to listen to him (but not within the hour!);

third, get rid of him or explain basic requirements to the patient during treatment (see above);

With the patient’s consent you can proceed to diagnosis, after which you must be agreed with the patient’s overall plan of therapeutic measures.

If you have the power to release the sins of the patient, we can treat it themselves, or else in terms of treatment some improvement should be left for the patient. Continue reading

Fat: the benefits and harms. Fats in food

Importance of fats in a healthy diet

Want to know how much fats you can consume and when to restrict?

Why are fats necessary for our body?

What fats are “good”, what “bad” and in what foods they can be found?

Many sources, be it information or advertising is constantly telling us about the dangers of fats. Get a sustainable impression that the fat in foods is the cause of many serious health problems, from high blood pressure and heart irregularities to problems with obesity and diabetes. To some extent this is so. However, let’s not forget, some fats are not only harmful, but also are vital for healthy functioning of our body.

The types of fats

Saturated is harmful for our body . Contained in products of animal origin. These fats lead to increased blood cholesterol. However, it is not all clear. Continue reading

Yakut shamans received the certificate of state registration

Yakut shamans now in the law. The representatives of the ancient religious movement has received the official certificate of registration. Three hundred years, the Yakuts called the spirits and treated plots illegally.

What are the opportunities for ancient peoples opens a new status, tells our correspondent Daniel Gorchakov.

This official document several generations of the Yakut shamans waited for more than three centuries. Ancient religion, with about the language of the Sakha people can translate the expression “AAR Aiyy”, was banned during the first Russian Governor in Yakutsk.

In Soviet times, the shamanic tradition, secretly preserved in the majority of Yakut families, have been declared remnants of the dark past. In the 90 years known in Yakutia Professor Kondakov tried bit by bit to restore the faith of the ancestors of the Sakha people. But many years were to pass all examination and to obtain legal recognition of followers “AAR Aiyy”. Continue reading

Ten animals that we treat

Cats, dogs and even lizards is not only mimimi, but the real “er”

Cats, dogs, hamsters and even lizards is not only. nyashki and really cute, but the real “er” for the person. They are hundreds of years save us from different diseases, demanding nothing in return. Is that a little kindness and food.

American medical journal JAMA Pediatrics has just published the results of research scientists from Finland. which prove that the communication of babies with dogs reduced the risk of developing in children of diabetes of the 1st type. The results of the study more than 3 thousand children in two hospitals was struck by the researchers themselves. Thus, unexpectedly it was found that dogs possess therapeutic properties that prevent the onset of this terrible disease. How exactly they impact on kids is not exactly known. While there is only speculation, but scientists continue research.

Facts the medicinal properties of the animals were so numerous that in the 70-ies of the last century there were an independent branch of medicine — the animal-assisted therapy, therapy with animals. Continue reading

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Ways to reduce the pain of kidney stones
Kidney stones bring pain. In practice, doctors often occur phenomena of stone formation. The predisposition to this disease show people of all ages. People with kidney stones should know how…

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Alternative medicine encyclopedia medical misconceptions
Debunking popular misconceptions of modern man. Alternative medicine To alternative medicine in our time it is customary to include: treatment of herbs, acupressure and some other types of massage, acupuncture,…