Saved animals treated children
A couple of months ago in Feldman Ecopark has a new pet. A horse named Natasha was purchased by the employees from the former owner and thus rescued from the…

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Clinic INAKARB -Professor E. Edinger - Alternative medicine Category: Alternative medicine
Clinic INAKARB in Rolandseck, Professor Edinger Welcome to INAKARB - regulatory International Academy of medicine and the study of consciousness. Opening INAKARB was held in 2011 in Rolandseck near Bonn…

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Growing spicy herbs to Your Garden

You are a lucky owner of a garden site. Besides, you are already well aware of the invaluable benefits it can give you in the form of a variety of fruits and berries, medicinal herbs baskets, fresh air and birds singing joyfully. If you real owner of the garden, if caring for you is not a burden but a joy, then you certainly use a useful features of your garden to the maximum.

One of such useful features is the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants. If healthful, environmentally friendly plant will become your indispensable assistant in the fight with various ailments, the fresh and aromatic garden herbs grown by you personally on your own land will be an indispensable tool in your culinary farm, besides fill your garden with a wonderful bouquet of aromas, carrying you to the Eastern tale of a thousand and one nights.

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Clinic alternative medicine medical center of Hadassah, Israel

In 1990, Hadassah became the first institution in Israel, which in response to the demand for new medical services and opened a clinic of complementary (alternative) medicine. The clinic practices traditional and complementary medicine, and, thus, the patient is offered a unique chance to satisfy their needs and getting the best treatment by the best professionals of conventional and alternative medicine.

The clinic operates under the Medical center “Hadassah”, which directly contributed to the close contact between staff and patients, as well as access to laboratories and equipment for diagnostic imaging. Every month the clinic serves more than 1,000 patients, a third of them new patients.

The clinic consists of qualified physicians and specialists of different areas of traditional and alternative medicine, practicing a holistic approach: the treatment of disease and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

After conducting a comprehensive medical examination and diagnosis of the selected patient one or more treatment programs, which may include:

Complementary methods, appointed by the specialists (doctors of medical science/doctors-osteopaths): acupuncture, homeopathy, auriculotherapy, mesotherapy, osteopathy. Continue reading

Alternative medicine versus traditional heartburn

Heartburn appears at least once in your life, but every person. Strictly speaking, this is not a disease, but can often become one, manifesting as an associated disease in the stomach ulcer, gastritis and cholecystitis. Heartburn referred to as an unpleasant sensation that occurs in the esophagus due with splashing in his acidic stomach contents. Also the cause of heartburn may be a violation of normal activity of the stomach, esophagus and duodenum. In most cases this disease is due to the fact that the digestive tract of a particular person does not tolerate a particular product.

In the case of treatment of heartburn folk medicine has achieved truly incredible results: professionals who practice unconventional methods, I suggest to use, for example, barley or oats, in small quantities you should eat, swallowing saliva and after a couple of minutes, the heartburn disappears. You can also eat ground or crushed nuts (almonds) – for a noticeable effect just 1 tbsp of these “medications” daily. Continue reading