Yakut shamans received the certificate of state registration
Yakut shamans now in the law. The representatives of the ancient religious movement has received the official certificate of registration. Three hundred years, the Yakuts called the spirits and treated…

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Ways to reduce the pain of kidney stones
Kidney stones bring pain. In practice, doctors often occur phenomena of stone formation. The predisposition to this disease show people of all ages. People with kidney stones should know how…

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Physiotherapy in Makhachkala

Wide use of natural factors in conjunction with physical means provide physiotherapy undoubted advantages over other methods of treatment. The effects of heat and cold, mud and water procedures, massages, magnetic and ultrasonic treatment, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, as well as many others — is a highly efficient and secure.

The recognized advantages of using the entire set of physiotherapy is the fact that such prevention can significantly reduce the medication, and sometimes completely eliminate. The fact that the body consists of internal reserves samoregulyacii and increased sensitivity to the medication.

Side effects and adverse effects of the disease are minimized by increasing the body’s defenses. Strengthening the immune system and inclusion of internal reserves, the activation of biochemical processes, constant attitude for recovery can reduce the duration of treatment and recovery after injuries and serious inflammatory processes.

Basic directions in the methods of treatment physiotherapy.

One of popular directions of physical therapy is cryotherapy . The uniqueness of the method consists of exposing the body to low temperatures (liquid nitrogen is applied). Continue reading

Useful properties of Brazil nut

Useful properties of Brazil nut is very important for all organ systems of the human body.

The Brazil nut grows in countries such as Guinea, Bolivia, Peru, and certainly in Brazil, which is home to walnut. In the Amazon forest, the trees reach about 50 meters in height.

Brazilian walnut is also called Bertholletia. The fruit has an oval shape, taste and appearance very similar to a coconut.

In Brazil nuts contain all the nutrients a man needs: proteins fats and carbohydrates. The nut is highly nutritious, contains 703 calories.

The skin was nice and clean, and his hair shone, enough in a day to eat 1-2 walnuts.

They also have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of both men and women.

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Instrumental methods in osteochondrosis: physical therapy and physiotherapy

To date, the pathogenesis of such diseases as osteochondrosis have been well studied. Despite this, the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a number of problems. Traditionally, the disease is treatable with medication . with the use of various drugs, relaxing muscles and neutralizing the spasms that cause pain.

As a rule, after the procedure of taking the drugs, the pain can return . often with renewed vigor. This is due to the fact that the medications only prevent the pain but not cure the initial problem, the condition of the back muscles, intervertebral discs remains the same, which invariably leads to a new wave of disease.

For the treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and other types of osteoarthritis have long been used various hardware methods of treatment .

First aid for the treatment of kompressionnogo spine described here. Such misfortunes it is better to prepare in advance.

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