Fat: the benefits and harms. Fats in food
Importance of fats in a healthy diet Want to know how much fats you can consume and when to restrict? Why are fats necessary for our body? What fats are…

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Popular beauty recipes — ice cleanser
Facials Traditional recipes of beauty — it is primarily homemade beauty recipes that do not require large financial costs, but very effective. No wonder some of them are called grandma's…

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Ways to reduce the pain of kidney stones

Kidney stones bring pain.

In practice, doctors often occur phenomena of stone formation. The predisposition to this disease show people of all ages.

People with kidney stones should know how the fragmentation of kidney stones, which today has no alternative to the surgical intervention. Traditionally, before starting the crushing of the kidney stones that people pass thorough ultrasound and x-ray examination. After these procedures, it becomes absolutely clear. Where exactly the stones are located, their size and number. There are several ways of removing stones from the urinary system.

Ultrasonic treatment for concrements in the kidneys. This technique is based on shock-wave principle of getting rid of stone formation. This wave crushes stones up to the size with which an organism is able to cope on their own. But if the stone is large or has a high density, the session of ultrasound exposure is assigned sequentially several times. This procedure is done solely in the kidney or the ureter. But it is absolutely impossible to do in the bladder. Continue reading

Veterinary medicine in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, as we know, animals are deified; therefore is not surprising is the fact that caring for them played an important role. Great attention was paid to the cows, goats, sheep and other paracobitis, as well as horses and donkeys. Primarily because a healthy livestock population increased the wealth of its owner. On ancient images Dating from approximately 2025 BC can often be seen resting in the shade of a specially constructed sheds of farm animals. Unchanged and the image of the shepherds, nablyudali for them. Farmers and landowners in those days believed that the shepherds thus acquire some practical experience not only in animal but also in their treatment.

In Ancient Egypt the responsibility for the care of animals often fell on the shoulders of the priests who cared for the sacred animals and the animals that were reared for slaughter. The ancient Egyptians believed that any illness has a supernatural origin, so very often, the pastoralists resorted to immediate assistance of a priest, so he asked the gods to intervene and protect sick animals, as mentioned in his work of 1878, the English scientist Wilkinson. In 2350 BC traveler KOF har travelled to Nubia with a caravan of three hundred Asses, and on completion he returned every one of them. This indicates a high level of animal welfare in Ancient Egypt. Continue reading

Instrumental methods in osteochondrosis: physical therapy and physiotherapy

To date, the pathogenesis of such diseases as osteochondrosis have been well studied. Despite this, the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a number of problems. Traditionally, the disease is treatable with medication . with the use of various drugs, relaxing muscles and neutralizing the spasms that cause pain.

As a rule, after the procedure of taking the drugs, the pain can return . often with renewed vigor. This is due to the fact that the medications only prevent the pain but not cure the initial problem, the condition of the back muscles, intervertebral discs remains the same, which invariably leads to a new wave of disease.

For the treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and other types of osteoarthritis have long been used various hardware methods of treatment .

First aid for the treatment of kompressionnogo spine described here. Such misfortunes it is better to prepare in advance.

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