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Good to know Malaria is not in sight, since sleeping in a pile of sagebrush Knowledge about folk medicine came to us from the dawn of mankind. Already at the…

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SELKUP SHAMANS - "Women of Yamal"
SELKUP SHAMANS The Selkup shaman's gift was inherited from father to son or grandson. If in a family where the father was the shaman, the son did not become a…

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Sesame seed – benefits and harms – health – articles Directory – TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine

TESTED for CENTURIES recipes of folk medicine

Sesame seeds benefits and harms

This useful culinary product almost every housewife, but very few know of its healing properties. Like any other medication, the sesame seed has its negative points when used. The composition of sesame seed is similar to the composition of sunflower seed. And sesame and sunflower seeds contain a large amount of oil. The sesame seeds are strong antioxidants, organic acids, saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats. With sesame seeds it is possible to achieve sufficient reduction of cholesterol. Sesame seeds is used to prevent different serious diseases.

Sesame contains calcium and other vitamins that help our body. Therefore, in folk medicine it is used to treat calcium deficiency in the bones. Sesame seed is used in the treatment of the disease osteoporosis. With sesame, you can build a fairly good muscle mass. Sesame seeds are an ideal product for vegetarians. Even a small amount of sesame oil can help to overcome the deficiency of calcium, amino acids and omega-3. Continue reading

Useful properties of Brazil nut

Useful properties of Brazil nut is very important for all organ systems of the human body.

The Brazil nut grows in countries such as Guinea, Bolivia, Peru, and certainly in Brazil, which is home to walnut. In the Amazon forest, the trees reach about 50 meters in height.

Brazilian walnut is also called Bertholletia. The fruit has an oval shape, taste and appearance very similar to a coconut.

In Brazil nuts contain all the nutrients a man needs: proteins fats and carbohydrates. The nut is highly nutritious, contains 703 calories.

The skin was nice and clean, and his hair shone, enough in a day to eat 1-2 walnuts.

They also have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of both men and women.

In Brazil nuts contain almost all the minerals, vitamins, nutrients and biological substances, which are so important for the normal development of the human body. Continue reading

Growing spicy herbs to Your Garden

You are a lucky owner of a garden site. Besides, you are already well aware of the invaluable benefits it can give you in the form of a variety of fruits and berries, medicinal herbs baskets, fresh air and birds singing joyfully. If you real owner of the garden, if caring for you is not a burden but a joy, then you certainly use a useful features of your garden to the maximum.

One of such useful features is the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants. If healthful, environmentally friendly plant will become your indispensable assistant in the fight with various ailments, the fresh and aromatic garden herbs grown by you personally on your own land will be an indispensable tool in your culinary farm, besides fill your garden with a wonderful bouquet of aromas, carrying you to the Eastern tale of a thousand and one nights.

Most herbs have wonderful decorative look and will perfectly fit into any design composition. It is preferable to plant the seedlings closer to the kitchen, where they are always at hand, and the mood of the chef adds. But, of course there has to be a garden path for easy access to herbal array. Continue reading