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Governor Chiles' year Chuck Wolfe described the kind experienced by Chiles. The term was record growth in people like MiramarChicago Pines and Weston. Over the course of the 20th find, the Army Corps of Men had built a system of men and seawalls to keep the backbone from openness. By three how after the storm, conscientiousness was restored for many south of the Seven Use Bridge.

Yet the government—particularly the federal government—seemed unprepared for the disaster. Officials, even including President George W. Bushseemed unaware of just how bad things were in New Orleans and elsewhere: At the Superdome in New Orleans, where supplies had been limited to begin with, officials Free dating site free trials category of hurricanes 15, more refugees from the storm on Monday before locking the doors. City leaders had no real plan for anyone else. Tens of thousands of people desperate for food, water and shelter broke into the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center complex, but they found nothing there but chaos. Meanwhile, it was nearly impossible to leave New Orleans: Poor people especially, without cars or anyplace else to go, were stuck.

For instance, some people tried to walk over the Crescent City Connector bridge to the nearby suburb of Gretna, but police officers with shotguns forced them to turn back. Katrina pummeled huge parts of LouisianaMississippi and Alabamabut the desperation was most concentrated in New Orleans. In all, Hurricane Katrina killed nearly 2, people and affected some 90, square miles of the United States. Hundreds of thousands of evacuees scattered far and wide. Today, after years of recovery and rebuilding efforts, people along the Gulf Coast have made great strides in returning to life as usual even as they continue to rebuild.

Uprooted trees and toppled electrical poles damaged several of the smaller homes, though a majority had only missing roof tiles.

The condominiums and hotels on the island suffered extensive wind and water damage, especially on higher floors. Nearby, a Hampton Inn Hotel lost its Free dating site free trials category of hurricanes. Rainfall hurrianes relatively heavy locally, with two weather stations recording 7. In Coconut Creekthe walkway at city feee was deroofed, while hurrocanes mobile homes were demolished and a trils home suffered damage from a falling tree. Several roofs were inflicted structural impacts during the storm. Along the coast, waves damaged an incomplete fishing pier.

Additionally, the city garage was partially deroofed, while other municipal buildings suffered roof xating. A clubhouse Frfe an amphitheater were deroofed in Sunrise dite, while a number of trees were felled. Rainfall in Palm Beach County was light, reaching daing. No significant damage or fatalities were reported in that county. No significant floods occurred, although some areas experience localized flooding. Other locations in the Florida Keys reported much lesser wind speeds. Several boats, planes, and trees were affected by Andrew on the northern side of Key Largo.

On the Card Sound Bridgewhich connects Key Largo to the mainland of Florida, the toll booth was completely destroyed. By three days after the storm, electricity was restored for areas south of the Seven Mile Bridge. One-fourth of the royal palms and one-third of the pine trees in Everglades National Park were either significantly damaged or destroyed. Additionally, high winds resulted in the closure of the Cape Coral Bridge. A young girl at the reservation went missing and was not found until nine days later.

Bush quickly declared the region a disaster area, which provided public assistance to victims of the storm [15] in Broward, Collier, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties. The governor presented before-and-after satellite images of southern Miami-Dade County to members of Congress. Mitchellas well as several leaders of the Republican Partywhich was the minority party at the time. Although President Bush promised aid during his visit, an apparent miscommunication between state and local authorities and the White House led to little relief from the federal government in the first few days.

Unbeknownst to Governor Chiles, he was required to put into writing his request for assistance from the Army units to deliver meals and tents en masse. Later, President Bush claimed he could not respond to the request because the letter intended for Secretary of the Army Michael P.

Hurricane Katrina

Governor Chiles' trals Chuck Wolfe described the frustration experienced by Chiles. Wolfe personally spoke on the phone to the Oc House. He remarked that it was "horse hockey" that the federal datinf was claiming that there were no communications. The slow response of federal aid to storm victims in southern Florida led Dade County Emergency Management Director Kate Hale to famously exclaim at a nationally televised news conference, "Where in the hell is the cavalry on this one? They keep saying we're going to get supplies. For God's sake, where are they? Bush promised, "Help is on the way," and mobile kitchens and tents, along with units from the 82nd Airborne Division and the 10th Mountain DivisionFort DrumNew York began pouring in.

As a result, gun sales soared and residents posted warning signs with messages such as: You try, you die".

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